SimCopter is an underrated game from the 90's where you fly a helicopter around Sim City and help people get out of traffic jams, put out fires and other such activities. It's not easily playable on a modern PC, unless you know about SimCopterX, an absolute god-send.


Command Key
Fire teargas M
Rotate left Left Arrow
Rotate right Right Arrow
Move forward Up Arrow, X
Move backward Down Arrow, Z
Slight right S
Slight left A
Increase altitude +, Q
Decrease altitude -, W
Lower bucket V
Raise bucket C
Release bucket B
Lower harness G
Raise harness F
Water cannon Spacebar
Slide modifier unassigned
Change view T
Dispatch fire truck F2
Dispatch ambulance F3
Dispatch police to spotlight F4
Dispatch police to helicopter F5
Enter/Exit helicopter E
Map Zoom In =
Map Zoom Out -
View previous mission H
View next mission N
Cycle chase views R
Camera In I
Camera Out K
Camera Up J
Camera Down L
Camera Tilt Up O
Camera Tilt Down P
Report traffic (Megaphone) F6
Stop Criminal (Megaphone) F7
Evacuate (Megaphone) F8
Disperse (Megaphone) F9
Greet (Megaphone) F10
Help (Megaphone) F1
Drop Carried Person D
Spotlight Up CTRL-1
Spotlight Down CTRL-2
Spotlight Left CTRL-3
Spotlight Right CTRL-4
Warp to Hangar CTRL-H
Move Fog Near CTRL-K
Move Fog Far CTRL-L
Toggle Object Texture CTRL-O
Toggle Ground Texture CTRL-G
Toggle Day/Night CTRL-D
Cycle Low/High Resolution CTRL-Q
Toggle Helicopter Panel Display CTRL-P
Toggle Sky Display CTRL-S
Toggle Equipment Display CTRL-E
Show All Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL-I
Toggle Application Priority CTRL-Alt-R
Toggle Full-Screen mode Alt-Enter
Game Settings/Exit Game Esc
Helicopter Checkup CTRL-C
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