Spotify Wrapped 2023

What we’ve got here is 100 hand picked (by an AI) tracks that have dominated my audio consumption during this year. A lot of predicatable artists/tracks in here (Tycho, Chemical Brothers, Yuzo Koshiro), but the biggest new entry to my listening habits had to be Kane Parsons, a true renaissance man of the zoomer generation.

The time I spend listening to music is split three ways - while I’m working, while I’m driving and while I’m grinding out some videogame achievement. Electronica, in all its forms, tends to lend well to these three. Honestly, if you haven’t listened to Dive while writing code, you haven’t lived.

In addition to giving you a nice playlist, Spotify also create for you a fun little video to watch, that lets you reflect on (and more importantly) share images of your accomplishments on social media and such. As I’m paying enough for the privilige, I figured I would show off some of my highlights from this year…

Spotify Wrapped 2023 - villainy

Spotify Wrapped 2023 - top artist

Spotify Wrapped 2023 - top 5 artists

Spotify Wrapped 2023 - genre layers

As this is the first Spotify thing for my new Astro site, I made myself a little component so that I can reuse this for next years Wrapped (or if I need to share some other important playlist in my blog).

For those curious, it’s just a wrapper around the Spotify iframe, to inject a couple of props for the playlist ID and component height, and a small css tweak to remove border.

const { playlistId = "4rSBFjf2y79fmFQYW2tLCy", height = "352" } = Astro.props;
const src = `${playlistId}?utm_source=generator`;

  allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; fullscreen; picture-in-picture"

  iframe {
    border-width: 0px;

Thanks Spotify and all these artists for another great year!

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