Game complete #1

Just completed my first game of the new decade.

Super Mario World

Super Mario World credits screen

I originally played and completed this on the SNES back in the radical 90’s and have very fond memories of those youthful days spent playing this instead of doing homework or socialising with my friends at the park. Well, I ended up playing it again in the tubular 20’s (or whatever this decade will be called), this time on Nintendo Switch.

It wasn’t intended to be the first game I completed this year - my sights were all set on starting Super Mario Odyssey - but when I booted up the console for the first time in an age, both it and the game required an update before I could do anything.

So I guess I couldn’t wait 😁

Oh well, this version of the game was a lot of fun to play through, the emulation is by no means perfect on the Switch, due to lag mainly, but it does have one MASSIVE plus point - you can rewind it when you die. The game is not especially tough if you’ve completed it before, but my aging gamer fingers aren’t what they used to be, so this came in handy in several ghost houses and fortresses.

Very happy for it to be the first addition to my list of games completed in 2020.

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